2012 Top 10 Philippine Bar Exam Result

Your waiting is over. In this blog post, we will publish the Top 10 Philippine Bar Exam Passers. In our blow-by-blow coverage, we are just a minute away from getting a copy of the Philippine Supreme Court Bar Exam Results. The names below are those who took the bar exam in 2011 at University of Santo Tomas Manila. To be the first to know the Top 10 Bar Exam Passers in 2012, recommend or like this post on Facebook and share us on Twitter.

2730. GIRAY, Ligaya A.
2731. GIRON, Rexan Rafael I.
2732. GITAU, Leoponville Ndota Wambui DC.
2733. GLENOGO, Gleta T.
2734. GLEYO, Llofel H.
2735. GLINDO, Aggy Christine F.
2736. GLOVASA, Franco Neil D.
2737. GLOVASA, Oliver C.
2738. GO, Anna Marie Cecilia T.
2739. GO, Edward Anthony C.
2740. GO, Jennifer S.
2741. GO, Julius N.
2742. GO, Karen Joyce P.
2743. GO, Maryl Karren Ang G.
2744. GOBI, Francisco C.
2745. GOBRES, Randy A.
2746. GOBRIN-LEYRAN, Divina Gracia F.
2747. GODIO, Dante Alain Xavier D.
2748. GOJAR, Agosto F.
2749. GOLEZ, Marycris C.
2750. GOLING, Najilah A.
2751. GOLOCAN, Christine C.
2752. GOLOCAN, Henson B.
2753. GOLONG, Norman M.
2754. GOLPO, Franklin G.
2755. GOMBA, Reinhard G.
2756. GOMERA, Maria Luisa M.
2757. GOMEZ, Celeste V.
2758. GOMEZ, Christine May T.
2759. GOMEZ, Joanna Patrice D.
2760. GOMEZ, Ramon Antonio V.
2761. GOMEZ, Rona C.
2762. GOMEZ, Ruth P.
2763. GOMUAD, Rajan S.
2764. GONZAGA, Alicia G.
2765. GONZAGA, Johanna Leizel P.
2766. GONZAGA, Joseph R.
2767. GONZAGA, Ruby E.
2768. GONZALES, Amadeo Guy A.
2769. GONZALES, Angelo Rey A.
2770. GONZALES, Anthony M.
2771. GONZALES, Christian B.
2772. GONZALES, Christian Louie C.
2773. GONZALES, Christine D.
2774. GONZALES, Cristina L.
2775. GONZALES, Dennis A.
2776. GONZALES, Efren G.
2777. GONZALES, Gary Leo V.
2778. GONZALES, Gemayel Kemal I.
2779. GONZALES, Gianne A.
2780. GONZALES, Herbert R.
2781. GONZALES, Jaime O.
2782. GONZALES, Karen Mae A.
2783. GONZALES, Marcus Joseph F.
2784. GONZALES, Noel R.
2785. GONZALES, Regino Sherwin R.
2786. GONZALES, Rimando Miguelito B.
2787. GONZALES, Rowena A.

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