2012 Successful Bar Exam Passers of Philippines

Successful Philippine Bar Examinees in 2011 released in 2012 will be known today. The list below are students who took the exam. To find out whether they pass or not, like us or recommend us on Facebook and we’ll post the Supreme Court List today.

1160. CABANG, JR., Nilo B.
1161. CABANGON, Ivo L.
1162. CABANILLA, Manuel B.
1163. CABASA, Theo Joseph N.
1164. CABASAG, Maricel T.
1165. CABASARES, Sarah Jean C.
1166. CABATBAT, Argel Joseph T.
1167. CABAÑERO, Christopher Rey R.
1168. CABAÑERO, Mesael L.
1169. CABELIN, III, Marcelo G.
1170. CABELLO, Susan S.
1171. CABILES, Joseph R.
1172. CABILI, Alejandro S.
1173. CABLAO, Vincent A.
1174. CABOCHAN, Emma Theresa M.
1175. CABOCHAN, III, Justo L.
1176. CABOVERDE, Doris M.
1177. CABRADILLA, Precious M.
1178. CABREDO, Joanna S.
1180. CABRERA, Charles Philip D.
1181. CABRERA, Fernando Lakan A.
1182. CABRERA, Marcelino A.
1183. CABRERA, Maria Nydia S.
1184. CABRERA, Sarah T.
1185. CABREROS, Deo Angelo D.
1186. CABRESOS, Christine-iu A.
1187. CABRIA, Gelene Mae L.
1188. CABUNGAN, Efrile C.
1189. CACACHO, Harold T.
1190. CACAL, Victor Roman C.
1191. CACAPIT, Nathaniel G.
1192. CACHOLA, JR., Ricardo B.
1193. CACHUELA, Eric Joseph L.
1194. CADAUAN, Abigale Claydz P.
1195. CADAY, Gil D.
1196. CADIOGAN, Aida Priscilla T.
1197. CADUCOY, Lyleth T.
1198. CAEG, Caterina Isabel C.
1199. CAESAR, JR., Silverio P.
1200. CAET, JR., Meliton R.
1201. CAGALAWAN, Claryzon Louel A.
1202. CAGAMPAN, Baltazar Ansberto
1203. CAGANG, Libertine G.
1204. CAGAT-CAGAT, Alma G.
1205. CAGAY-AN, Jocelyn W.
1206. CAGAYAN, Betrand Hans B.
1207. CAGUIMBAL, Carlo P.
1208. CAGUIMBAL, Zenen G.
1209. CAGUIN-QUIOCO, Fidela .
1210. CAHILIG, Garry O.
1211. CAHILOG, Maria Rosario M.
1212. CAIN, Mia Gretchen J.
1213. CAINAR, Rexyl P.
1214. CAINDAY, Raquel A.
1215. CAING, JR., Arvin Antonio C.
1216. CAJEGAS, Pio Wendell L.
1217. CAJIPE, Edsel G.
1218. CALAGUI, Jayson B.
1219. CALALANG, Angelita S.

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