2012 Philippine Bar Exam Passers Final List

2012 Bar exam passers of the Philippines are now known. The Supreme Court released the final list of bar examinees who passed in Nov 2011 bar exam held in UST Manila. The list is published in this site. The names below are some of the examinees who took the bar exam in November 2011. Please verify whether they pass or not. If they pass, please click the Facebook like button to show you’re proud of the new lawyers of the country.

4910. RELOPEZ, Kevin Edrick P.
4911. RELUNIA, Cirenne Mei M.
4912. RELUYA, Philline Rosamae P.
4913. REMO, Raphael L.
4914. REMONTE, Randy O.
4915. REMOROZO, Hannah Teresita R.
4916. REMULLA, Ramil M.
4917. RENOMERON, Hyacinth D.
4918. RENONG, Jenna Mary Leen L.
4919. REOTUTAR, Jiezl Gabrielle G.
4920. REPOLLO, Kirk Bryan J.
4921. REQUINA, Wilmar K.
4922. RESCOBER, Gerardo S.
4923. RESPETO, JR., Demetrio M.
4924. RESPICIO, Amella R.
4925. RESPICIO, Anna Francesca C.
4926. RESTAR, Maria Anaflor D.
4927. RESUELLO, Ronald T.
4928. RESULTAN, Julius B.
4930. RETUYA, Earl Jay S.
4931. REVILLA, Gleen A.
4932. REVISA, Kirk William B.
4933. REY, Allan A.
4934. REY, Larry R.
4935. REY, JR., Rolando L.
4936. REYES, Arvin B.
4937. REYES, Carlos R.
4938. REYES, Carmela Bianca D.
4939. REYES, Cesar C.
4940. REYES, Cherry Lou T.
4941. REYES, Clarisse L.
4942. REYES, Earl Alfred B.
4943. REYES, Ellery C.
4944. REYES, Emmanuela A.
4945. REYES, Erlinda M.
4946. REYES, Florence Albert B.
4947. REYES, Izah Katrina T.
4948. REYES, Jennifer Gayle B.
4949. REYES, Jennifer Rose P.
4950. REYES, Laurence Joseph B.
4951. REYES, Luningning B.
4952. REYES, Marte Angelo L.
4953. REYES, Merla A.
4954. REYES, Noemi R.
4955. REYES, Rene C.
4956. REYES, Robert Christopher F.
4957. REYES, Roland A.
4958. REYES, Rolando L.
4959. REYES, Rozel L.
4960. REYES, Sherwin R.
4961. REYES, Trixia Theresa B.
4962. REYES, JR, David B.
4963. REYES, JR., Jose G.
4964. REYES, JR., Virgilio B.
4965. REYES- ACORDA, Davie April O.
4966. REYES-BISCO, Divina C.
4967. REYES-ERFELO, Sunshine Rose .
4968. REYES-EUGENIO, Jehan T.
4969. REYES-MARCOS, Marie Grace Divina P.

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