2012 List of Philippine Bar Exam Passers

According to David Frost, “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

The 2012 Philippine Bar Exam Result will be announced in a few hours. The examinees below are those who took the bar exam last year in UST Manila under an MCQ format. Whether they pass or not, that we will know in few hours. So like and recommend us on Facebook so you’d be the first to get the result of the 2012 Phil Bar Exam.

1042. BONIFACIO, Melvin S.
1043. BONJOC, Felisa A.
1044. BONOS, Karlo G.
1045. BONOSAN, Alan C.
1046. BORBE, Richard M.
1047. BORBON, Wilbryan M.
1048. BORDALLO, Michael P.
1049. BORGOÑA, Earl Joseph M.
1050. BORGOÑOS, Anna Paula A.
1051. BORINES, Nicomedes R.
1052. BORJA, Elsie M.
1053. BORJA, Henry David .
1054. BORJA, Nestor R.
1055. BORJA, Paolo Miguel T.
1056. BOROY, Rizah Jane P.
1057. BORRES, Risa Bea Socorro M.
1058. BORROMEO, Aileen Vina A.
1059. BORROMEO, Jose Ira Archimedes D.
1060. BOTAWAN, Abdul Jabbar M.
1061. BOTIWEY, Jim G.
1062. BOYLES, Marvin O.
1063. BOÑALES, Frankie C.
1064. BRABANTE, Elmer P.
1065. BRACEROS, Jay Roger F.
1066. BRAGA, Corazon C.
1067. BRAGA, Thraycee L.
1068. BRANIA, Jorge S.
1069. BRASILEÑO, Amado D.
1070. BRAVO, Allan L.
1071. BRAVO, Alvin O.
1072. BRAVO, JR., Raymundo D.
1073. BRAZIL, Virginia A.
1074. BRAÑA, Beverly B.
1075. BRIGINO, Catherine R.
1076. BRILA, Karen Q.
1077. BRILLANTES, Marichelle V.
1078. BRINGAS, Marianne I.
1079. BRIONES, John Russel A.
1080. BRIOSO, Zenaida H.
1081. BRITANICO, Bryan Lemuel B.
1082. BRITANICO, Julia Anna M.
1083. BROMEO-ORDUÑA, Kathleen Ann S.
1084. BROTAMONTE, Allan L.
1085. BROÑOLA, Arniel H.
1086. BRUZO-VALENCIA, Hazel L.
1087. BUCAG, Marie-geraldine C.
1088. BUCAO, Bryant T.
1089. BUCAY, Ismael M.
1090. BUCCAT, Conelyne B.
1091. BUCU, Orlando L.
1092. BUDADEN, Jonathan R.
1093. BUDO, Glena S.
1094. BUDOD, Lydia L.
1095. BUDUHAN, Cristiflor D.
1097. BUENAVENTURA, Jonnie H.
1098. BUENCONSEJO, Lee Ann P.
1099. BUENDIA, JR., William B.
1100. BUENO, Julie D.
1101. BUENO, Renato D.
1102. BUENTIPO, Nomily L.

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