2012 Bar Results

The 2012 Bar Results are now available. Congratulations to those who passed the 2011 bar exam of the Philippines. The names listed below are those who took the exam in Nov 2011 in UST Manila. Please verify from our master list of bar passers 2012 whether the students below are among the passers. If they are not, try harder next time. To show admiration to the new lawyers, simply click the Facebook like button now.

4735. PRINCIPE, Princess Marie Anne T.
4736. PRINCIPE, JR., Ricardo M.
4737. PROSPERO, Anwar Luke V.
4738. PUA, Brian N.
4739. PUA, Kennard U.
4740. PUA, Louise Jefferson A.
4741. PUCHERO, Albert John R.
4742. PUDOL, Dominador B.
4743. PUENTESPINA, May Suzanne N.
4744. PUJANTE, Rosanna (sr.) G.
4745. PULA, Fernan S.
4746. PULIDO, Mary Grace V.
4747. PULMANO, Reden B.
4748. PULPULAAN, Linden E.
4749. PUNAY, Antonieta B.
4750. PUNDAMUDAG, Norodin D.
4751. PUNZALAN, Alexies E.
4752. PUNZALAN, Angela J.
4753. PUNZALAN, Gilbert J.
4754. PUNZALAN, Joven T.
4755. PUNZALAN, Manuel Alexis S.
4756. PUNZALAN, Rodenna A.
4757. PUNZALAN, Ted Joseph B.
4758. PURA, Sariel G.
4759. PURA, III, Valentin A.
4760. PURGANAN, Melanie R.
4761. PURGANAN, Paolo John D.
4762. PURUGGANAN, Ramon Victor B.
4763. PUTIZ, Edgar R.
4764. PUYOS, Fe V.
4765. QUA, Irene Marie P.
4766. QUE, Leanne Herschel C.
4767. QUEBRAL, JR., Romulo E.
4768. QUEROBINES, Rowel A.
4769. QUERUBIN, Evelyn S.
4770. QUESEA, Erwin Emmanuel E.
4771. QUEZON, Shangrila C.
4772. QUIAMAS, Jane Frances A.
4773. QUIAMBAO, Jeffrey DJ.
4774. QUIAMBAO, Reinier S.
4775. QUIBOLOY, Lourdes P.
4776. QUIBRAL, Raina Andrea C.
4777. QUIBRANZA, Lorraine Anne G.
4778. QUICO, Rambo F.
4779. QUICOY, Renato M.
4780. QUIDET, Magnolia T.
4781. QUIJANO, Maria Kathryn G.
4782. QUILANG, Louie Ray U.
4783. QUILANTANG, Antonio T.
4784. QUILARIO, Ruth D.
4785. QUILLA, Charles Samuel A.
4786. QUIMIO, Glenn Anthony M.
4787. QUINDARA, Michelle Geils E.
4788. QUINITO, Marie Antonette U.
4789. QUINSAY, Stacy G.
4790. QUINSAYAS, Joseph P.
4791. QUINTOS, Ronadette B.
4792. QUISAOT, Maria Theresa B.
4793. QUISOY, Richard E.
4794. QUITAIN, Glenda May C.
4795. QUITANIA, Raul J.

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