2012 Bar Results Philippines

Results of the 2012 Bar Exam of the Philippines have been released yesterday. Please confirm whether the names listed below have passed the bar exam. These were the students who took the exam last year. We still have to confirm if they passed the exam. If they do, please congratulate them by clicking the Facebook like button.

5623. TALOSIG, Ohwie S.
5624. TALOSIG-TAGUIAM, Meliza P.
5625. TALUSIG, Antonio T.
5626. TAMARES, John Joseph S.
5627. TAMARGO, JR., Franklin P.
5628. TAMAYAO, Katrina Bianca T.
5629. TAMAYO, Dinah Jane R.
5630. TAMAYO, Eva Liz A.
5631. TAMAYO, James Jules B.
5632. TAMAYO, Jefferson C.
5633. TAMAYO, Maribel I.
5634. TAMAYO-JIMENEA, Ghizelle Jean S.
5635. TAMBA, Frauline Grace T.
5636. TAMBAGAHAN, Jun D.
5637. TAMBAGAN, Rodolfo G.
5638. TAMBAL, Maria Cristina P.
5639. TAMBASACAN-GUDOY, Rochelle R.
5640. TAMBIAC, Gray S.
5641. TAMBUANG, JR., Abdul Kader L.
5642. TAMINAYA, Cyril A.
5643. TAMINAYA, Mark Ryan C.
5644. TAMON, Edsil D.
5645. TAMPAL, Oliva Ruth L.
5646. TAMPOC, Louise A.
5647. TAMSE, Leonise Angeli P.
5648. TAMUYAO, Sheila Mae S.
5649. TAN, Angelo S.
5650. TAN, Anne Stephanie B.
5651. TAN, Edgar S.
5652. TAN, Glendale J.
5653. TAN, Glenn D.
5654. TAN, Jason Rainier T.
5655. TAN, Jayvee R.
5656. TAN, Joel Ryan G.
5657. TAN, Katherine Vanessa O.
5658. TAN, Kristina G.
5659. TAN, Letecia M.
5660. TAN, Mari Cris B.
5661. TAN, Maria Dianne M.
5662. TAN, Maria Rois S.
5663. TAN, Maria Theresa A.
5664. TAN, Mary Caroline A.
5665. TAN, Nicolas C.
5666. TAN, Paul Edward V.
5667. TAN, Richel R.
5668. TAN, Shernee A.
5669. TAN GANA, Ma. Socorro M.
5670. TAN, JR., Alfredo C.
5671. TAN, JR., Gerardo R.
5672. TAN, JR., Ronaldo T.
5673. TAN-MONTEMAYOR, Yiyi Khindini Z.
5674. TAN-RAMAS, Jenelene D.
5675. TANDOC-SARMIENTO, Christina .
5676. TANDOG, Sarah A.
5677. TANG-EY, Leandro S.
5678. TANGCOLO, Jalilah B.
5679. TANGLAO, JR., Fernando L.
5680. TANTIADO, Ricselo L.
5681. TANTOCO, Kristian Cesar Jose S.
5682. TAPALES, Irvin Paulo C.
5683. TAPALES, Sonia S.

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