2012 Bar Exam Results List of the Philippines

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success, declares Dale Carnegie, and he was right. The 2012 result of the Philippine bar examination is now out and it is published in this website. The names below were examinees who took the bar exam in November 2011 at UST Manila Campus. Please verify whether they passed. If not, try harder next time. To congratulate the bar passers, simply click the Facebook like button and say something.

4970. REYES-QUIZON, Niccolai Brigette M.
4971. REYMUNDE, Jayson B.
4972. REYNANTE, Prescia Vanessa A.
4973. REYNES, Culbert G.
4974. REYNON, Regina N.
4975. REYNON, JR., William A.
4976. RIAS, Alfredo N.
4977. RICACHO, JR., Rodolfo A.
4978. RICAFORT-YOUNG, Rachel A.
4979. RICAFORTE, Gilbert O.
4980. RICASATA, III, Ruben Gerald V.
4981. RICERRA, Jessie Emmanuel T.
4982. RICO, Rimo M.
4983. RICOHERMOSO, Marie Joy B.
4984. RICONALLA, Audrey May A.
4985. RIDON, James Mark Terry L.
4986. RIGUER, Karell Ann E.
4987. RILLERA, Ma. Suzette P.
4988. RIMANDO, Adrian Victor R.
4989. RIOS, Justiniano R.
4990. RITO-CALASANG, Barbara L.
4991. RIVAMONTE, Millicent S.
4992. RIVERA, Amparo Lourdes T.
4993. RIVERA, Eberlita E.
4994. RIVERA, Jan Michael A.
4995. RIVERA, Lanie D.
4996. RIVERA, Mark Pierre A.
4997. RIVERA, Reverie Joyce F.
4998. RIVERA, Victor I.
4999. RIVERA, JR., Denison M.
5000. RIVERA, JR., Leonardo A.
5001. RIVERO, Andy G.
5002. RIVERO, Christian E.
5003. ROA, Jonah Rienzi M.
5004. ROA, Rhodelyn Mae B.
5005. ROBEA, Edward L.
5006. ROBILLOS, Archimedes G.
5007. ROBINO, Jennette D.
5008. ROBIS, Revi D.
5009. ROBLE, Emmanuel Edwin J.
5010. ROBLES, Christopher M.
5011. ROBLES, Joaquin R.
5012. ROBLES, Jovencio Joseph C.
5013. ROBLES, JR., Domingo S.
5014. ROBLES, JR., Eduardo P.
5015. ROCAS, Karla Mae M.
5016. ROCERO, April Wella V.
5017. ROCERO, Fatima Clarisse C.
5018. ROCHA, Robert Angelo Y.
5019. RODAS, Vincent Abril U.
5020. RODELAS, Wilfredo A.
5021. RODENAS, Elva G.
5022. RODRIGO, Roberto Rey S.
5023. RODRIGUEZ, Froilan B.
5024. RODRIGUEZ, Michelle F.
5025. RODRIGUEZ, Richard M.
5026. RODRIGUEZ, Rogelio C.
5027. RODRIGUEZ, Ronaldo G.
5028. RODRIGUEZ, IV, Wilfredo Ma. P.
5029. RODULFO, Michael Ian F.

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