2011 Top 10 Philippine Bar Exam Results

Latest news update of the results of the top 2012 Philippine Bar Exam revealed that in few minutes the world will know who pass the 2011 Philippine Bar Exam. The Supreme Court will release the complete list today, February 29, 2012. The names we published below are those who took the bar exam in 2011 at UST campus in Manila Philippines. We will know if they pass in few minutes. To be the first to know, recommend this blog post on Facebook. Just few minutes away from the official announcement.

2788. GONZALES, Xyrus D.
2789. GONZALES, III, Ernesto Joseph F.
2790. GONZALES, JR., Apolonio A.
2791. GONZALES-BANIA, Jackeline J.
2792. GONZALES-GANZON, Menchie P.
2793. GONZALEZ, Aurelle Marie G.
2794. GONZALEZ, Leo Peter S.
2795. GOROSPE, Gerald P.
2796. GOROSPE, Jessie S.
2798. GOZOS, Jonas Patrick M.
2799. GOZUM, III, Paolo Vinci R.
2800. GRAFIL, II, Deogracias C.
2801. GRAGEDA-FLORES, Joanna Mayelle T.
2802. GRAJALES, Maria Theresa M.
2803. GRAN-MACUD, Mindette Love P.
2804. GRANADA, Caryl H.
2805. GRANADO, Agatha N.
2806. GRANADOS, Paulo Jay A.
2807. GRANDE, Maria Rhea A.
2808. GRANDE, Omaira A.
2809. GRANDE, Ryan Val James A.
2810. GRAPILON, Rene S.
2811. GRAVIDEZ, Jerico A.
2812. GREGORIO, James Michael A.
2813. GREGORIO, John Alexander A.
2814. GREGORIO, Joseph Alenn R.
2815. GREGORIO-POLO, Bennette S.
2816. GRIARTE, Archimedes A.
2817. GRIÑO, Leonard A.
2818. GRIÑO, III, Cornelio Erwin B.
2819. GRIÑO, JR., Nicanor Jerry A.
2820. GRUBA, Deric N.
2821. GRUPO, Idonah Lee B.
2822. GUADALUPE, Janette T.
2823. GUALBERTO, JR., Zosimo L.
2825. GUANCO, Roney Q.
2826. GUANZON, Teresa Ira Maris P.
2827. GUAPO, Mengie D.
2828. GUARDIANO, Diana Zoe B.
2829. GUARIN, Francis Philip S.
2830. GUARNES, Jasper G.
2831. GUDANI, Benjamin C.
2832. GUDEZ, Joyce O.
2833. GUELOS, John Dave C.
2834. GUERRERO, Joey Andrew G.
2835. GUERRERO, Kristoffer Noel E.
2836. GUERRERO, Ma. Erika Kristabelle M.
2837. GUERRERO, Nenita M.
2838. GUERRERO, Rica Roma A.
2839. GUEVARA, Anna Cecilia R.
2840. GUEVARRA, Epifanio C.
2841. GUEVARRA, Joselito F.
2842. GUEVARRA, Maria Cristina Portia G.
2843. GUEVARRA, Pacifico G.
2844. GUHILING, Emerson C.
2845. GUIA, JR., Roland Antonio O.
2846. GUIAMADEL, Muamar Rhys T.
2847. GUIAO, Abraham P.

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