2011 Best Basic Web Hosting Host Company

press release – WebHostRanking.com and BestHosting101.com, sister sites, announced today that 101SiteHosting.com has been named the Best Starter Host and Top Business Host. 101SiteHosting.com has been awarded these web hosting awards based on their complete web hosting solutions.

101SiteHosting is one of the leading web hosting providers. As stated earlier, 101SiteHosting.com was awarded the Best Starter Host from WebHostRanking.com. WebHostRanking.com gave 101SiteHosting.com this award because of their amazing starter package. All too often web hosts try to overload the beginner and it only confuses them. In this starter package you get everything you need to start up a website including a free domain name. Keeping it simple, the beginner with no experience but still wants a professional website can easily accomplish this using the included tools. The best thing about the 101SiteHosting.com starter package is that it only costs $29.99 a year.

In addition to being named the Best Starter Host, 101SiteHosting.com has also been named the Top Business Host by BestHosting101.com. Business web hosting is different than starter hosting in the sense that when running a business website or eCommerce website you need specific features to make the site as successful as possible. 101SiteHosting.com offers unlimited disk space and unlimited data storage along with all the eCommerce features you need including free shopping cart software and security features for only $8.95 a month.(prweb.com)

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