12 found cheating in Japan’s unified college exams

12 found cheating in Japan’s unified college exams

TOKYO, Jan 16 (PNA/Kyodo) — A dozen people were found to have cheated during the annual two-day unified college entrance examinations across Japan that ended Sunday, while heavy snow caused delays to the starting times of the exams in various parts of the country, the organizer said.

The 12 examinees were subsequently disqualified. The number of people disqualified is the largest on record since 2006, the first year for which relevant data became available, with more than 570,000 taking this year’s exams. One of the disqualified examinees was found looking at textbook images stored on a smartphone during an exam in Aichi Prefecture.

Six of the disqualified examinees used calculators in exams held in Hokkaido. Some used rulers in math tests, while others altered entries on their computer-read answer sheets after their exams were over. (PNA/Kyodo)


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